Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Emerging infectious disease preparedness & response.

Credibility and expertise

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota is a global leader in emerging infectious diseases. CIDRAP works to prevent illness and death through the research and the translation of scientific information into practical applications, policies, and solutions.

CIDRAP's website structure and design emphasizes their expertise and rapid response with a deep well of credible articles, FAQs and podcasts. Users can easily stay informed about infectious disease developments.


Homepage for CIDRAP

A data-driven redesign

The CIDRAP team publishes content almost daily, and their content had grown massive over the years. We combed through the archives and created a content strategy deeply informed by data, including a content audit, heat tracking, SEO analysis and analytics.

We also created a modern design language for CIDRAP that positions them as emerging, trustworthy, insightful and grounded in global, real-world developments.